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How do we do it?. In many ways. 1. Challenges, 2. Networking, 3. Marketplace, 4. Collaborating in a GAC (High Engagement Group) and more ... You can test our model and present your company to us at the next event. You just have to register.

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I imagine you are asking yourself the question

Why Lobees?

If you like to collaborate, Lobees is the ideal Ecosystem to do so. But what is an Ecosystem? It is a space where its members can compete or collaborate with each other, but coexisting and progressing together. In an Ecosystem, the key and success is collaboration and joint innovation, as well as an people that leads itThe magic of Ecosystems makes "the whole" greater than the sum of "the parts"

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¿Do you want to get opportunities in Lobees?

We tell you some ways. There is more!

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Every week we organize networking events in which we will introduce you to other professionals and companies with whom you can do business, get recommendations and receive feedback. 

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Collaborating in a GAC

A GAC is a high-commitment group in which professionals and companies collaborate to achieve business objectives. In these GACs, each member offers their product or service exclusively within the group. 

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Promoted your success stories

When a client and a supplier successfully complete a collaboration, if they agree, we publish it on all possible channels to inspire others and organize events so that the protagonists can present the project within our Ecosystem.

This is how we work

Our plan in 4 steps

The process is very simple. You register on the platform and we will invite you to the event that e do every Thursday at 18.00 (Madrid Time)


We organize a video conference to show you Lobees

At Lobees almost all of our meetings are by videoconference. In the videoconference you show us your needs and we tell you how Lobees can help you. If you are looking for clients we will explain how we can get them and if you are looking for suppliers we will show you the directory of our suppliers and how they can help you. We have experts in development, marketing, finance, sales, corporate identity, etc. If your profile fits, you can join our group of experts.


Proposal to solve your need

After analyzing the meeting, we present you a collaboration proposal with various alternatives that respond to your need and if you accept, we get going.

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Start up

Depending on your profile, we present the groups and people with whom you are going to collaborate and we give you access to all the tools that you will have: A customer management system (CRM), a networking system so that you meet the rest of professionals. You will be able to create your own groups and events and you will have access to a project management system. You will also have access to a database with more than 2.5 million company records or you can create web pages for free. We are continuously publishing new functionalities and services that we will make available to you within the Ecosystem.


Act, analyze and improve

At Lobees we analyze everything in order to apply a process of continuous improvement in the Ecosystem and in each of the products and services of our associates. We help you improve with customer feedback and if you need collaboration in some of your processes, we present you professionals with all the guarantees.

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You are in the right place

If you are interested in developing business and participating in a collaborative GUARANTEE Ecosystem.

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